Special Presentation

Special Presentation Gisela K. Wolf, Switzerland

Galerie Lessedra, Sofia 15.12.2015 - 28.02.2016


The artist lives in Switzerland, near Basle. In her early years she visited the Académie de la Grande Chaumière at Paris. But in the following years she was working as a journalist and editor and furthermore she wrote lyrics and fiction.

Up to 2012 she had therefore her own edition OSL, made covers and illustrations.

In 1985 she started painting again. Next to autodidactic formation she also took courses at the Academy Walter Oscar Grob in Zürich as well as at the ”Schule für Gestaltung” in Basel.Exhibitions in Switzerland and Germany.

She is a member of SGBK, VISARTE and ADS.

The Works:

Closely connected through stylistic and thematic polarity are the works of Gisela K. Wolf changing between order and movement, composition and variation, in previous years also in a representational, narrative manner. She then developed a painting that allows both vitality and dynamism as well as grading by varied form elements.

For a long time, she worked with concrete forms, based on envelope elements, mostly in acrylic, and also created serigraphs on "carrier pigeons" in connection with a big exhibition at Allschwil. The philosophical component here was to keep things hidden, obvious and secret.

At that time she created her the first book objects and pictures with writing.

Through the synergy of words and images Gisela K. Wolf created abstract paintings.

With "Lookland" and "Traces" the artist understands a view on the picture, including an inward look as well as a sight of the external world, playing with the adequate images of the observer and thus hide from him the reality of seeing.

Here for instance, we have to consider Gisela K. Wolf's mixed-media pictures inspired by the latest lyric poems of Ingeborg Kaiser. These are in accordance with the title of the book "Vom Schweigen sprechen" (speaking of silence) discreetly hold in gray/white/gold.

The artist has kept her ability of working fast while drawing or paint in a drawing manner. With these snap-shots she tries to catch the most important things in life for herself.

Elfi Thoma

Präsidentin SGBK, Schweizerische Gesellschaft Bildender Künstlerinnen

September 2015 - Translation: Doris Claude

Titles for the pictures

p. 10: Cycle envelopes element

"winter", 1995, mixed media, 40x50cm,

"winter", 1996, mixed media, 40x50cm,

"winter", 1995, mixed media, 40x50cm,

p. 11: Cycle "diary", 2004, monotypes, drawings, prints, 29x42 cm,

p. 12: Cycle "envelope elements with birds", 2010, mixed media and drawing, 29x21cm,

p. 13: Cycle "traces", 2015, Acryl, 19x27cm,

p. 14: Cycle "speaking of silence", 2015, inspired by the poems of Ingeborg Kaiser, all mixed media,15x12cm, 2015

p. 15: Invitation to the exhibition "envelope elements" with serigraphy's to the "carrier pigeons"

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